Double Equals (==) vs Triple Equals (===):

Double Equals (==) checks for value equality only. It converts the types of the variables to match each other.

On the other hand, Triple Equals (===) will verify whether the variables being compared have both the same value and the same type.


Virtual dom and how it works: React makes the DOM tree-like structure of all the components internally called the virtual dom. It is a copy of actual dom and kept in the browser memory in form of javascript object. When data changes means state or props of the component changes…

const: u can declare variables using const. Variables declared using const are constants, meaning their value can not be changed once set. That’s why const variables must be initialized with a value on declaration. They are also block-level declarations meaning that u can’t access them outside of it’s block. … This method returns a new array with the result of calling a function for every item in the array.

Array.reduce(): reduces all element of an array into a single element(result). It takes two arguments. …

Upekka Chakma

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